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If you stumbled upon this website seeking an avenue for couples therapy, you may be wondering how can couples therapy benefit you and your significant other? Deciding on attending couples therapy is a positive step towards repairing a troubled relationship. Throughout this process,  you may have some concerns about what couples therapy entails and what will be the general outcome of the therapeutic process.


Bonded By Love


I remember the moment that we met,

I never forgot the feeling of our connection,

Surely but slowly, we captured our hearts so beautifully,

We loved each other dearly,

 Throughout our time together, we shared so much with one another,

Throughout the joy and pain we have endured through our lives,

One thing is for sure, our love still remains pure,

You are my comforter, and I am your solace,
Together despite life's struggles, we have peace in our love,

Love is like an element of the heart that flows through our veins,

It gives us our breath so that we can have life,
It gives us power so we can have strength,

Love is like a chain that cannot be broken or stolen,

We are bonded by love,

Above all, we have faith and hope to make love our own.

-Poem by: Shawntina Wallace


The words of this poem symbolizes the meaning and feeling of a relationship. A relationship embodies trust, faithfulness, value, and personal security. In other words,  individuals within a relationship depend on each other to provide a sense of security within the partnership. As individuals seek to enter a relationship such as a marriage, they desire to be with someone that will provide them with a solid support system established within unconditional passionate love. Alongside of that, individuals seek out someone that will express value in their personhood.  Faithfulness is established when partners form an attachment to each other through a sense of commitment of trust.


These are the relationship components that couples therapy focus on the most because they are crucial to sustaining and maintaining the relationship overall.


Bonded by Love is a web service that is sponsored by Cameron & Company, Inc. By being associated with Cameron & Company, Inc., this counseling web service is based on a holistic view of stress management. It encourages individuals to participate in a interactive perspective of treatment. It targets issues that causes stressful situations and assist couples to develop styles of conflict resolution.


Couples will have the opportunity to be interactive with their therapist in a secure environment. Also, this web  counseling service has a video and audio chat feature designed to allow couples to share thoughts with the therapist directly through a chat software called Webex. For more information on Webex, go to the Media and Links page.


Bonded By Love: Relationship & Marriage Counseling

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