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About Bonded  By Love

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Bonded By Love was designed to offer premarital and marriage counseling to couples struggling with relationship issues and to help couples discover their ability to share their strengths together as one unit. For engaged couples, couples counseling can identify and resolve potential issues that may surface in the beginning of marriage. Bonded By Love also is a service that is located in a secure environment that fosters closeness in between partners and assist couples in building a therapeutic relationship with their therapist. In the therapy process, the couples are responsible for the work progress. The therapist is only responsible for guiding the couples into the therapy process.

About The Therapist

I'm Shawntina Wallace, M.A. Certified Life Coach and I will be your relationship therapist.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I'm interested to assisting others within a therapeutic context.


I am a life long student of psychology, counseling, and life coaching. I spend quality time studying various elements of the human personality, mindsets, behaviors, and most of all the dynamics of human relationships. During my undergraduate studies, I obtained an Associate's degree within the field of Social Science with a concentration of Psychology.


As I obtained a Bachelor's degree within the field of Health and Human Services, I was introduced to the helping professions. I was drawn into the helping professions due to my love of helping others in their time of need. I'm a firm believer of the concept of helping others to help themselves. If people are guided to find tools and resources for solving their own problems, they are most likely be successful in life regardless of their circumstances.


After I received my Bachelor's degree, I went on to receive a Master's  degree in Professional Counseling. Within my counseling studies, I gained great knowledge in all matters pertaining to people's mental development within the course of their life span especially the course of relationships. 


With additional studies, I was thoroughly trained within the integration of spirituality and psychology with the completion of a certification of Life Coaching and Prepare & Enrichment Facilitation to work with individuals and couples.


Upon the development of this relationship therapy center, I envisioned helping couples learn about the concept of unity within the contents of a partnership. To accomplish this task, I will assist couples with identifying problematic areas within their relationship. I have extension knowledge of various counseling theories and research on a wide range of topics. With my assistance, couples will gain a newfound understanding about maintaining their relationship.