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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How can Couples Counseling benefit couples?


Couples can improve their communication skills, modify dysfunctional behavior, increase emotional attention while decreasing emotional avoidance, and highlight and promote individual strengths.


What specific topics are discussed in Couples Counseling?


Couples in counseling can expect to discuss topics dealing with their family history, personal history, family structure, their marriage/relationship history, their current relationship issues, their past relationship history, strengths in their relationships, and goals of counseling.


How can couples make couples counseling successful?


To make couples counseling successful, couples must be devoted to take their time to improve their marriage, to put effort in collaboration to build  confidence in their relationship, and to build a therapeutic alliance with the therapist so that goals and outcomes in counseling will be accomplish over sessions.


How does this web service work?


Bonded by Love counseling web service uses the Webex chat conference room software in which couples can chat together face to face with the therapist. Webex have special features that will put couples at ease during the counseling process with giving them interactive tools. These interactive tools will enable couples to do video, audio, or text chat. Couples will have the opportunity to engage with the therapist in a unique way. The therapist can share activities with couples and give couples an opportunity to share their counseling work with the therapy via the share screen feature.

Counseling partners also can be able to upload and download client forms in sessions. When clients set up chat appointments, Webex has the capability to notify clients on the day and time of their chat appointments.  For more instructions on how to use Webex, go to the Media Section.


What type of theoretical orientations will be used in therapy sessions?


Because couples are involved in Couples Counseling, there will be a mixed set of therapy orientations used such as emotionally-focused therapy, solution-based focused therapy, brief therapy, and cognitive therapy just to name a few. Each type of therapy will assist couples in understanding their emotions, their thought patterns, their issues, and obtaining insight on possible solutions and treatment interventions.


What types of assessments or activities will couples do in counseling?


Couples will have an opportunity to work on activities that is designed to evaluate their relationship strengths while diminishing their weaknesses. Couples will have an option to complete an assessment based on the Prepare and Enrich Premarital and Marriage Counseling Assessment Program. The Prepare and Enrich Assessment is built into the inital price of counseling. The actual assessment cost is  $30.00. To access the assessment, the website link will be emailed to the couples upon contacting the therapist for the services.  For more information, watch the video in the Media section.


What if individuals in counseling discover that they have more complicated issues within a mental health perspective, how can they seek help outside of couples counseling?


If by any chance the therapist discover that one or both partners have a serious mental health issue, they will be referred to Cameron & Company main services for individualized counseling.


How are the Couples Counseling sessions organize?


Couples can schedule a free consultation session that will assess how many sessions they would like, have a discussion on clients' rights and responsibilities, the therapist's responsibilities and legal standards of counseling, and the set up of payment for services as well as other concerns about counseling that couples may have.


*If there are more questions to inquire, please feel free to submit them via the FAQS Form below.